Elliott L. Moya - Chief of Police

‚ÄčAnimal Control 

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) is principally responsible for the enforcement of all ordinances related to dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals.  The Animal Control Officer will also handle undomesticated (wild) animal complaints and either handle locally or refer to the appropriate outside agency for assistance.

Animal Control Ordinance

What should I do if my dog is missing?

Call the Eliot Police immediately.  It is possible that the ACO has already picked up your dog. The Town of Eliot does not have a shelter and has contracted with Creature Comforts in Kittery, Maine for the use of a shelter.  To find out if we have picked up your pet and taken it to Creature Comforts, call 207-439-1179.

Your dog will go to Creature Comforts if the ACO is unable to determine who owns the dog.  If your dog has been taken to Creature Comforts, you must first pay an impound fee to the Town of Eliot. 

Impoundment or Return of at Large Dogs Fees
$ 25.00 -  Return Fee
$ 50.00 -  for 1st offense (Impoundment Fee)
$100.00 - for 2nd offense (Impoundment Fee)

The State of Maine requires all dogs that are six (6) months of age and older be licensed.

It is required by the Town of Eliot that every person keeping or having a dog over the age of (6) months within the limits of the Town of Eliot, shall, within thirty (30) days after the dog reaches this age, obtain and continuously maintain a current and valid dog license issued by the Town of Eliot and will comply with the requirements of having and keeping the dog current on rabies vaccinations.

By requiring a license we are able to assure the public that a threat of rabies is kept under control. We can also save the owner or keeper from worrying about their dog if it should become lost. The ACO will reference the number to the owner and call them so they may become reunited.

Your dog can be licensed at the Eliot Town Offices.

Bring the most recent rabies certificate from the Veterinarian. This must  include the rabies tag number and the date of expiration.
Bring a document that states whether or not the dog is spayed/neutered.
It is $6.00 for spayed/neutered dogs and $11.00 for those that are not.
All dog licenses are based on the calendar year. If you do not license your dog by December 31st, you can do so by the end of January without a penalty.

Is there a leash law in Eliot?

Dogs must be on leash and under the control of the person responsible for the dog at all times when off of the premises of the owner.  Please refer to the Town of Eliot Animal Control Ordinance