Elliott L. Moya - Chief of Police

Volunteers In Police Service

The goal of the Program:

The Eliot Police Department utilizes volunteers that are "community committed." If you feel the need to serve your community please consider the VIPS or Volunteers in Police Service.

What are the duties of the VIPS?

The primary duties of a VIPS Member are to support and assist our police officers while serving the community.

The members may be called upon for duties such as (but not limited to)

  • Traffic control division (responds to and assists traffic hazards)
  • Assisting with community events (i.e. parades, traffic control)​
  • Community crime watch program
  • Operation ID-encourage neighbors to number their homes
  • Burglary notifications 
  • Citizen’s Radar: Volunteers use radar equipment to document speeding in the community and report back to the traffic office
  • School Patrol: Volunteers help keep children safe in and around schools, crossing guard
  • Monthly meetings
  • Special projects

Applications are available at the police department or by contacting Judy Smith at jsmith@eliotpolice.org