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Eliot Police Department

Respect, Integrity, Fairness, Leadership, Empathy

We are hiring!

The Eliot Police Department, serving a population of approximately 6,200, is seeking an experienced supervisor to join our team as a Police Sergeant.

Eyes Looking In Our Town

E.L.I.O.T is a partnership between the Eliot Police Department, our citizens and business owners to establish an interactive relationship within the Town of Eliot.

The Spirit of E.L.I.O.T is rooted in neighbors helping neighbors. By watching out for each other we can work collectively to reduce problems that communities fight everyday.  Theft, vandalism and even burglaries can be reduced and even prevented by building a strong relationship between the community and our police department.

Our desire at the Eliot Police Department to serve our community is defined by our core values of Commitment, Pride and Honor.

We believe that the combined efforts of our citizens and the members of the Eliot Police Department through E.L.I.O.T will allow us to work together to maintain a way of life that we have all come to know and appreciate.

Collectively we can make Eliot safer by taking care of each other everyday.

On behalf of all the members of our department I look forward to working with each of you and thank you for working with us.

So how does it all work?

First, we ask that as you go about your everyday life that you pay attention to what goes on around you

Second, if you see anything that looks suspicious or seems out of place we encourage you to call us at 439-1179

Third, from time to time please click on the E.L.I.O.T link on this website On his page you will find tips or requests for information that may help us solve a crime or other ongoing problems.


We invite you to join us as a partner watching out for our community

We would welcome the opportunity to provide free training to your employees about how they can assist us as they travel around our community

We would like to give out stickers to place on your fleet as reminder to everyone in our community that we all stand together as a united team against crime. 

A few things to watch for:

Open doors to a home, garage or business that are normally closed.
Cars parked in front of a home or in a driveway while the homeowners are away.
Cars parked along the the road with no one around them.
People going door to door that you do not recognize.
Loud or unusual noises.